DealerSend brings you new experience and a greater clarity of vision.

Make your life easier and customers happier.

About Us

DealerSend is a diversified company based in Asia. Our core business surrounds international freight forwarding, express, global mail and fulfillment solutions as well as enhanced liability.

DealerSend is well experienced in not only traditional B2B shipping model but also B2C, C2C and M2C along with the world's fast growing in online business. Due to the diversity of shipping demand, DealerSend provides different shipping ways for customers who have no worry to focus on their own business.

Additionally, DealerSend also provides targeted solutions for customer connecting to worldwide. DealerSend achieves customer "Be Globally Connected" and "Ship Anytime, Anywhere".

DealerSend's aim is "Delay No More".

Treating your every single parcel as our property, handling it with care and shipping it safe, especially no delay.

Not only this but also help you get the best price and service for you.

What are you waiting for ? Join us now !


Door-to-Door Service

Today, we are so busy through our lives more and more while we need to move more often, even travel abroad much more as we do in the past.

DealerSend allows no matter where you are and what time zone you are in, you still can complete your delivery online from your cozy bed.

Also, DealerSend picks up from or delivers to you who no longer care it's too hot or it's rainy outside.

DealerSend lets you handle your orders freely with no time limit.

Offering the pick-up & the delivery wherever and whenever you want.

When you send a document, parcel or even pallet, we make sure your shipment is picked up with our service by your request.

If you send shipments frequently, we can also provide a regular pick-up for you.


Warehousing Service

DealerSend's warehousing service is to act as a storage space for inventory, also as a shipping hub which receives and distributes shipments.

DealerSend supplies the storage required as planned to meet your demand, supports the movement of your goods as well, e.g. Inbound Activity, Transfer to storage, Order selection, Outbound Activity.

Apart from the above, keeps a track of information regarding goods that have come into the warehouse, stored and that are shipped out of the warehouse. The data captured by the Warehouse Management System gives you a much more clear picture to take better decisions.

DealerSend provides you with a place performing a variety of functions.

Saving your cost, time and manpower.

We not only provide you with daily inbound & outbound activities but also fulfillment & storage services based on your business so as to satisfy you with the tailor-made shipping model.